Rules & Regulations




Please read all Rules and Regulations before making entries. All Exhibitors must be members!

Mailing Address

Mountain Township Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 114
South Mountain, ON K0E 1W0

All animals and articles offered for competition must be bone fide, that is, the property of the Exhibitor.

No persons under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to exhibit or handle livestock, compete in the Demolition Derby, or participate in any activity that could cause harm or endanger anyone.

Any person exhibiting any animal or article in any section or class cannot compete with the same animal or article in any other section or class.

Any person may become a member of MTAS by paying the sum of $10.00, if paid before the beginning of the show in which the person wishes to exhibit.

The judges have the right to withhold any or all prizes when animal or article is not worthy, even if there is no competition.

All articles shall be in the Lila Fawcett Exhibit Hall by 11:00 am. on the Friday of the fair weekend, and cannot be removed until 4:00 pm Sunday of the fair weekend, without permission of the Fair office. The Board of Directors reserves the right to withhold the payment of prizes awarded if the articles are removed before the allotted time.

All persons showing purebred stock must produce a registered pedigree on making entry, and also at the hour of judging to the committee chairperson and judges.

All appeals against the award of the judges shall be handed in writing to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the fair.

The superintendent of the horse ring will hear protests from the Exhibitors immediately after prizes are awarded and submit them to the Director’s meeting called within 15 days of the fair.

The admission fee to the MTAS grounds shall be posted the days of the fair.

Any person, except the judges and the committee chairpersons, handling any article in the Exhibit Hall will be asked to leave the hall while judging occurs.

Members winning $10.00 or more in prize money shall leave the sum of $10.00 with the Secretary for membership for the next year.

Any junior exhibitor reaching the age of 17 years on or before the date of the fair must pay a $10.00 membership fee. Proof of age must be shown upon request.

Any member of the Society, who is heard to censure or accuse any judge of partiality in any way in which his/her decision may have been given, or in any manner relating to his/her respective duties, shall for the first offense be fined $25.00. For the second offense shall be expelled from the Society. Two credible witnesses will be sufficient to convict. The Board of Directors reserves the right to withhold the payment of prizes awarded, or to expel an exhibitor from the Society.

No loitering on the fair grounds. Anyone found loitering will be removed from the grounds.

All vehicles must be parked in the designated areas.

Exhibitors are requested to send their entry forms and entry fees (if applicable) as soon as possible after the receipt of the prize lists, at least one week prior to the Fair.

Each exhibitor, member, or visitor, shall be responsible for any injury that may be occasioned to any person whosoever by any animal exhibited, used or owned by him/her or them, and each exhibitor, member or visitor shall indemnify the Society against all claims or demands of any person in charge of the same, and upon these conditions are entries allowed on the grounds.

While the Directors will take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of articles entered in the exhibition, the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting, and should any article be accidentally destroyed, injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will render all assistance in their power towards recovery but will not make payment of the value thereof.

Exhibitors of livestock must show their own liability insurance in order to exhibit.

Service dogs only, permitted on fairgrounds during the fair. Thank you.

Please Note

The Mountain Township Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for Special Prizes but will do so everything in its power to produce them for winners. Winners of special prizes may be required to have a photo taken, at the request of the prize sponsor.

ALL Special Prizes must be picked up by October 31st.