Frequently Asked Questions


How much is admission to the Fair this year?

South Mountain Fair has a one-price admission bracelet. There is also a grounds bracelet available on Saturday and Sunday only.

The 2024 prices are:

Thursday: $25 at the gate or $22.50 in advance before August 12th at 11:59 p.m.
Friday: $30 at the gate or $27.50 in advance before August 12th at 11:59 p.m.
Saturday: $35 at the gate or $32.50 in advance before August 12th at 11:59 p.m.
Sunday: $35 at the gate or $32.50 in advance before August 12th at 11:59 p.m.
Grounds Bracelet (Saturday and Sunday): $20 at the gate – not available in advance
Weekend Pass: $85 at the gate or $80 in advance before August 12th at 11:59 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online after midnight on August 12th, but will be at full price.

What is included in the admission price?

The full admission includes unlimited midway rides, big tent entertainment shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday, entry to the grand prize draw, the 2 rodeo shows, children’s tents entertainment, demolition derby, truck and tractor pulls, horse, cattle and 4-H shows, and all other events and exhibits.

Pre-Sale Tickets do not guarantee entrance into the Entertainment Tent. Once capacity has been met, no further admittance will be permitted. Plan your arrival times accordingly.

The grounds bracelet, available on Saturday and Sunday only, includes the 2 rodeo shows, tractor pull, horse and cattle and 4-H shows, children’s tent entertainment, and all other events and exhibits. It does NOT include midway rides, entrance to the big tent entertainment shows, or entry in the grand prize draw.

Can I buy admission to just the Friday, Saturday or Sunday entertainment shows?

No. The entertainment in the big tent is included in the one-price admission.

Can I buy admission to just the Black Creek Rodeo Show?

No. The rodeo shows are included in both the one-price admission and the grounds bracelet.

If my child is too small to ride any of the midway rides, do I have to pay admission?

Children under 3 are FREE — However, there are no Midway privileges without buying a bracelet due to height restriction liability.

What kinds of payment are accepted at the South Mountain Fair gates?

We accept cash and contactless payment (debit or credit card) at the gates. Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted (not American Express).

There will be two ATM machines available at the fairgrounds.

Can my child under 18 years old attend the entertainment shows in the big tent?

The Friday Eric Etheridge show, the Saturday Jade Eagleson show, and the Sunday afternoon show are accessible to All Ages with a full price admission bracelet. After the evening shows are over, the tent will be cleared and only those showing proof of Age of Majority may enter.

Lost Child

What should I do if I lose my child at the South Mountain Fair or I find a lost child?

Parents should immediately report lost children to the Fair Office or find a Board member or volunteer and request assistance. The Board member or volunteer will immediately contact the Fair Office either in person or by the two-way radio.

Anyone finding a lost child should immediately take the child to the Fair Office. The Mountain Township Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for checking or assuring that an adult, with whom a child is reunited, is the proper parent, guardian, or custodian of such child.

The public is specifically cautioned that the Mountain Township Agricultural Society does not have the ability to make such determinations.

Anyone attending the South Mountain Fair will do so at their own risk and is deemed to assume the risk of such attendance.

Any adult who brings a child to the South Mountain Fair assumes the responsibility for monitoring that child and for assuring that child’s safety.

At no time does the South Mountain Fair, nor any Board directors or volunteers, assume in loco parentis or any other such authority over children attending a South Mountain Fair event.


How old must my child be to ride on the midway rides?

The midway (All Canadian Entertainment) establishes height guidelines (not age) for each ride to ensure the safety of participants. There will be a height guide at each gate and a list of rides that a child who exceeds that height can use. A full price admission bracelet is required for children who can use the rides.

If my child is shorter than the height guideline, are there any rides he/she can use?

The smallest children can ride the Merry-Go-Round with accompanying parents. The parent must have a grounds bracelet at a minimum.

Which midway rides will be at this year's fair?

The All Canadian Entertainment midway has provided the following list of rides that they plan to bring to the South Mountain Fair. Note that this list can change before the fair due to various circumstances. Ride height allowances are indicated.

Major Rides
Sea Ray 48″ minimum
Expo Wheel 48″ minimum or accompanied by an adult
Himilaya 42″ minimum and accompanied by an adult or 52″ alone
Spider 42″ minimum and accompanied by an adult or 52″ alone
Paratrooper 42″ minimum and accompanied by an adult or 52″ alone
Starship 2020 42″ minimum
Sizzler 36″ minimum and accompanied by an adult or 52″ alone
Family Rides
Raiders 42″ minimum
Groovy Bus 40″ minimum
Pumpkin Patch 36″ minimum and accompanied by an adult or 42″ alone
Merry-Go-Round 36″ alone or accompanied by an adult
Kids’ Rides
Go Gator 36″ minimum
Mini Tea Cups 36″ minimum
Motorcycle Jump 36″ minimum—54″ maximum
When are the rides open at the South Mountain Fair?

Note that these hours are different than the 2022 fair.
Thursday: 5–10 p.m.
Friday: 5–10 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m.–10 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

What midway games will be available at the South Mountain Fair?

All Canadian Entertainment has provided the following list of games that they plan to bring to the South Mountain Fair:

  • Mini Inflates
  • Balloons
  • Fish Pond
  • Water Gun
  • Bowler Roller
  • Tubs
  • Blockbuster
  • Beer Smash

Note that this list can change at the last minute due to various circumstances.


Is camping available on the grounds?

Yes. Rough camping is available in the north field of the fair grounds starting Thursday August 17. Campers must enter through the parking gate. There is no access to electricity, water, or dumping facilities.

Is there a cost to camp at the South Mountain Fair?
No. Camping is free, but you must register by calling 613-816-5263.
Are pets allowed at the South Mountain Fair camping area?
Only service dogs, required by people to accommodate a disability, are allowed on the South Mountain Fairgrounds, including in the camping area.

Food and Drink

What food will be available on the fairgrounds?
Various concessions will be open offering fair food such as hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, cold drinks, ice cream, etc.
What food and drink are allowed on the fairgrounds?
Although there will be a number of food concessions eager to sell you fair treats, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks with you to the fair grounds. There will be a water bottle refilling station at the side of the Info Booth for you to refill your water bottles.


What is the cost of parking at the South Mountain Fair?
Parking is free at the South Mountain Fair.
Where do I park to attend the South Mountain Fair?
There will be signs at the corner of Development Road/County Road 3, County Road 1/County Road 3, and County Road 1/Nelson Road directing fairgoers to the north field of the fairgrounds, off Lough Road, where there is lots of free parking. During peak times, there is a wagon ride shuttle running from the parking area to the north admission gate.
Parking is prohibited along County Road 3 on the south side of the fairgrounds, along Lough Road on the west side of the Fairgrounds, and along Maple Street.
Is there accessible parking available at the fairgrounds?
There are several accessible parking spots available in front of the Mountain Township Agricultural Hall at 2967 Lough Road. In addition, there is a specific area in the north parking lot near the north entrance gate for those with mobility challenges.


Where can I go to find shade on the fairgrounds?
Although we have planted some new trees on the fairgrounds, it will be a few years before they are able to provide shady areas for sitting.
There is a tent with tables and chairs in the concession area that provides some shade.
In addition, on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. the big entertainment tent is open for folks to sit.
Are the fairgrounds accessible for someone in a wheelchair?
The fairgrounds are not paved so most of the ground is covered in grass and is not smooth. In addition, there are cables and hoses running in various places which are covered but make bumps in the surface.
Are pets allowed on the South Mountain Fairgrounds?
Only service animals, required by people to accommodate a disability, are allowed on the fairgrounds (except for the Children’s Pet Show on Saturday morning).
How do I find out when various events are happening at the Fair?

You can view the Fair Schedule here.

You can also scan the QR code posted at each gate and the Info Booth to download the fair schedule.

How do I enter the Grand Prize Draw?
With each full price admission (not included with grounds bracelet), you will be given a grand prize draw entry form which you can fill out and deposit in the drum at the Info Booth.
The Grand Prize draw will take place on Sunday afternoon in the entertainment tent. Winners do not have to be present to win.
Is WiFi available on the fairgrounds?
No. There is no WiFi available on the fairgrounds.
We have internet at the gates and in the entertainment tent only to operate the contactless payment machines.