Dates: Thursday, August 15th, 2019 to Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Chairpersons: Ross Dillabaugh 613 989-2359, Danny Johnstone 613 774-3330

Committee: Walter Patterson, Doug Boyd, Daniel Trumper, Connor Fetterley, Melissa Seay

Closing Date of Entries Postmarked -Thursday, August 5, 2019

Mail Entries to:
Ross Dillabaugh,
10105 County Road 3,
Mountain, ON K0E 1S0


Birds will be accepted from 6:00 pm Thursday night until 9:00 pm and no later than 9:30 am Friday morning.
The show is being held under A.P.A rules and being judged by “The Standards of Perfection”.
Judging will begin at 10:00 am Friday. Each exhibitor is allowed to enter ONLY two (2) pairs in each class: two (2) males and two (2) females to be judged separately. The judge may withhold a prize if the entry is not worthy.
All exhibitors must pay $1.00 entry fee per bird.
Birds must remain in the show until 3:30 pm Sunday, August 19th or prize money is forfeited. Birds must be picked up between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm on Sunday.
Birds must be shown in cages supplied by M.T.A.S. An MTAS membership fee of $10.00 is waived for first time adult exhibitors and if you are under the age of 18 years. MTAS and this Committee are not responsible for any loss or damage.
All Standard and Bantams will be shown in a single cage.

Champion Call Duck Cash donation by M.T.A.S. Grand Champion Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Champion Pigeon Cash donation by M.T.A.S. in memory of Steven Coughler Reserve Champion Pigeon Cash donation by Doug Whyte
Champion Bantam Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Reserve Bantam Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Champion Waterfowl Cash donation by Gerry Boyce
Best Cochin (Std/Bantam) Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Best Sebright Cash donation by M.T.A.S. in Memory of Doug Robertson
Best Game Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Best Jap Cash donation by Theresa McIntosh
Best Polish Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Champion Standard Cash donation by Ross & Elaine Dillabaugh
Best Mille Fleur Cash donation by Doug Boyd
Reserve Waterfowl Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Best Dove Cash donation by B & B Williams Mowing
Reserve Standard Cash donation by John Joynt
Standard Duck AOV Cash donation by M.T.A.S.
Best Rose Comb Cash donation by Danny Johnstone

Prize Money:

1st $5.00 (three (3) points) 2nd $4.00 (two (2) points) 3rd $3.00 (one (1) point)

Poultry & Water Fowl & Pigeon

Judges: TBD

Please be reminded once again that birds are to be picked up on Sunday between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Bantam Classes

1. Japs
4. Wyndotte Silver Laced
7. Sebright Golden
10. Clean Leg A.O.V.
13. O.E.B.B. Red
16. O.E. Wheaton Game
19. Brahama Buff
22. Silkies A.C.
25. Cochins Blue
28. Leghorn A.O.C.
31. Rocks A.C.
33A. Spangled Games

2. Wyndotte A.C.
5. Rose Comb
8. Cornish White
11. Modern Game A.C.
14. O.E. Black Game
17. O.E. Game A.C.
20. Brahama A.C.
23. Cochins White
26. Cochins A.C.
29. Rocks White
32. Rhode Island Red

3. Wyndotte White
6. Sebright Silver
9. Cornish A.C.
12. O.E. Silver Duckwing
15. O.E.White Game
18. Brahama Lights
21. Mille Fleur
24. Cochins Black
27. Leghorn White
30. Rocks Barred
33. Polish

Standard Classes

34. Polish
37. Hamburg A.C.
40. Wyndotte White
43. Sumatras
46. Brahmas dark
49. Feather Leg A.O.V.
52. Rocks Barred

35. Cornish White
38. Leghorn, White
41. Wyndotte A.O.C.
44. Clean Leg A.O.V.
47. Brhmas buff
50. Rhode Island Red

36. Cornish A.C.
39. Leghorn A.C.
42. Austrolorp A.C.
45. Brahmas Light
48. Cochins A.C.
51. Rocks White

Bantam Ducks

53. White Calls
56. Bantam Duck A.O.V.

54. Grey Calls
57. Black East Indies

55. Pastel Call


58. Duck A.O.V.
61. Pekin

59. Muscovy Duck
62. Indian Runners A.C.

60. Rouen


63. White Embden
66. Toulouse

64. African
67. Buff Geese

65. Geese A.O.V.
68. Geese Chinese A.C.


69. Fantails, A.C.
72. Modena Schitti
75. Tumbler A.C.
78. Oriental Frills A.C.
81. Arch Angel
84. Show Kings A.C.
87. Trumpeters A.C.
90. Tippler
93. Berliners

70. Indian Fantails A.C.
73. Modena Gazzi
76. Frill Backs
79. Show Rollers A.C.
82. Show Pen Homers A.C.
85. Chinese Owls A.C.
88. Pouter
91. Pigeons A.O.V.
94. Egyptian Swifts

71. Jacobins
74. Tumbler Long Face
77. Frill Old Style
80. Rollers A.O.V.
83. Racing Homers A.C.
86. Owls, A.O.V.
89. Cropper
92. Doves A.C.
95. Turkeys