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Friday, August 16th to Sunday, August 18th.


Lila Fawcett Memorial Building


Dean Williams (613-363-7695, or


Each of the field crop competition classes must have at least 3 entries and 3 fields scored by the judge.

A competitor may enter all of the field crop competition classes, but will be confined to one entry in each crop type. Two or more persons working within a farm partnership may each make one entry in each of the above listed classes.

Entries are limited to members who have paid their annual membership to the M.T.A.S or membership fees will be deducted from prize monies.

Fields must be at least five (5) acres in sized to qualify for field judging.

Field crops are to be scored on the following criteria:  General appearance, uniformity of crop, yield potential, freedom from insect feeding, and fungus diseases.

Both the Field & Fair exhibits must be entered within the same class to qualify for prizes—no exceptions.

Entries for hay competition to be in the hands of Dean Williams (Chairperson) prior to the fair. Hay judging may be done while judging the other field crops.

The Chairperson will keep in close touch with the competitor(s) and the competitors are to notify the Chairperson at least four (4) days prior to harvesting any crop that is likely to be judged. This will give the Chairperson time to notify the judge to view the fields.

Samples to be dropped off at the exhibit hall at the M.T.A.S. fairgrounds Lila Fawcett Building between 8:30 11:30 am on Friday August 16, 2024. Exhibitor tags & bags will be available at the exhibit hall or by contacting the Chairperson in advance of the fair.

Official exhibit Info

Download the official exhibit information.

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