2020 Fair Dates: August 13 - 16


Chairperson: Cliff Metcalfe (TEL) 613-989-1295 (CELL) 613-794-4598

Email: cliffeasterncropdoctor@ripnet.com
Assistant: Hugh Metcalfe (CELL) 613-794-0190

2019 Field Crop Competition

Hay, Corn, Soybeans, White (Dry) Beans, Spring Wheat (Section # 50)

A) – Hay Competition: Two flakes of hay, four inches thick, from the competitors’ field that was judged, to be entered and exhibited at the fair.

B) – Corn Competition: Six Stalks of Corn from the competitors’ field that was judged, to be entered and exhibited at the fair.

C) – Soybean Competition: Field judging to be conducted during the month of August. Six Soybean plants (roots intact) will be entered and exhibited at the fair.

D) – White (Dry) Bean Competition: Field judging to be done in late July or early August. Six White (Dry) Bean plants (roots intact) will be entered and exhibited at the fair.

E) – Spring Wheat Competition: Field judging to be done in late July or early August. Ten pounds of grain taken from the field that was judged will be entered and exhibited at the fair. (Grain sample to be taken from current season (2019 harvest) crop, or 2018 crop in the event that the current season crop is not yet harvested.)


  1. Each of the above listed classes must have at least 3 entries and 3 fields scored by the judge.
  2. A competitor may enter all of the above listed classes, but will be confined to one entry in each crop type. Two or more persons working within a farm partnership may each make one entry in each of the above listed classes.
  3. Entries are limited to members who have paid their annual membership to the M.T.A.S or membership fees will be deducted from prize monies.
  4. Fields must be at least five (5) acres in sized to qualify for field judging.
  5. Field crops are to be scored on the following criteria: General appearance, uniformity of crop, yield potential, freedom from insect feeding, and fungus diseases.
  6. Entries for hay competition to be in the hands of Cliff Metcalfe (Chairperson) prior to the fair. Hay judging may be done while judging the other field crops.
  7. The Chairperson will keep in close touch with the competitor(s) and the competitors are to notify the Chairperson at least four (4) days prior to harvesting any crop that is likely to be judged. This will give the Chairperson time to notify the judge to view the fields.
  8. Samples to be dropped off at the exhibit hall at the M.T.A.S. fairgrounds
    Lila Fawcett Building between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM on Friday August
    16th, 2019. Exhibitor tags & bags will be available at the exhibit hall or by contacting the Chairperson in advance of the fair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both the Field & Fair exhibits must be entered within the same class to qualify for prizes – no exceptions.

Field score prize money: 1st-$22.00; 2nd-$20.00; 3rd -$18.00; 4th – $16.00; 5th – $14.00
Exhibit (at the fair) prize money: 1st-$22.00; 2nd- $20.00; 3rd- $18.00; 4th – $16.00; 5th – $14.00

Grains & Oilseeds (Section # 60)

  1. 10 pounds Oats (any variety)
  2. 10 pounds Barley (2 or 6 row) (any variety)
  3. Best six stalks Corn Silage
  4. First Cut Alfalfa
  5. Mixed Grass & Legume Hay – First cut – 70-30 (either way) 2 flakes
  6. Best second cut Grass Hay (85% Grass) 2 flakes
  7. Second cut Alfalfa – 2 flakes
  8. 8 ears corn (husks off)
  9. Mixed Haylage
  10. Alfalfa Haylage
  11. 10 pounds High Moisture Corn (Whole kernels or processed)
  12. 10 pounds of Soybeans (2018 season crop)
  13. 10 pounds of White (Dry) beans (2018 season crop)

Prizes: 1st prize = $5.00 2nd prize = $3.00 3rd prize = $2.00

(Special prizes for select classes of section # 60 also to be awarded. The sponsorship of special prizes will be clearly indicated at the fair, and prizes will be displayed on a separate table within the exhibit hall. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our sponsors)


Chairpersons: Patricia Dobosz 613-258-3334 Lori Scott 613- 989-2398

Rules and Regulations

  1. All exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor.
  2. Use fresh flowers in arrangements unless specified otherwise.
  3. One entry per exhibitor in each section.
  4. Exhibitors must supply all vessels for their exhibits.
  5. No flexible containers to be used. Be sure containers are heavy enough to hold top heavy flowers such as gladiolus.
  6. Containers should be as specified as they are considered in the judging.
  7. Entries will be received between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM, Friday, August 16th.
  8. Exhibits must be left until 4:00 pm, Sunday, August 18th. No early removals please.
  9. See complete Rules and Regulations in the front of this book.

Hints for Exhibitors in Floriculture Classes

  • All exhibits should be attractively arranged.
  • A spray is a portion of plant with a number of flowers.
  • A stem is a plant structure carrying one or more flowers and/or buds.
  • A bloom is an individual flower, one to a stem.
  • If a bud is not opened and not showing colour, it does not count as a bloom and it is a good idea to remove it.
  • Exhibit must be exactly as specified for the class.
  • Do not leave seed head on cut flower exhibits.
  • Watch for wilted petals. Judges award fewer points if flowers are wilted.
  • Flowers should be uniform in size, colour and development.
  • Ideal gladiolus spike should be 40% bloom, 30% bud showing colour and 30% green tip.
  • Hybrid Tea Roses are shown disbudded
  • African Violets should contain only single crown in a pot.
  • Flowers arrangements are to be viewed from all sides unless stated otherwise.


Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00

  1. Asters, 3 blooms, one or mixed colour.
  2. Cleome, 3 stems one or mixed colour.
  3. Collection of annuals, 3 different kinds – 2 spikes, sprays or stems of each kind, in one container – labelled.
  4. Collection of perennials 3 different kinds, 2 stems of each, in one container.
  5. Coneflowers, 3 blooms, any colour.
  6. Cosmos, 5 blooms, mixed colours.
  7. Dahlias, over 6”, 1 bloom.
  8. Dahlias, 2 blooms, one colour, under 6” in diameter.
  9. Dahlias, 2 different varieties, one bloom of each.
  10. Gladiolus, 1 spike of one colour, in a suitable container.
  11. Gladiolus, 1 spike, one variety, bi-colour or tri-colour, in a suitable container.
  12. Gladiolus, a collection of 3 varieties, 1 spike of each, in a suitable container.
  1. Geranium, 1 bloom with own green foliage.
  2. Hosta leaves collection of 3 different kinds – 2 stems of each.
  3. Hosta leaves, giant, minimum dimension 8′′ in width – 1 stem.
  4. Hydrangea, coloured, 3 stems, with foliage.
  5. Hydrangea, white, 3 stems, with foliage.
  6. Hydrangea, largest bloom.
  7. Lily, Oriental, 1 bloom floated in a bowl.
  8. Lily, any other, including tiger lilies, 1 stem, (no daylilies)
  9. Marigolds, 1”-2” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  10. Marigolds, 2”-4” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  11. Ornamental Grass (cultivated) 5 stems of 1 variety, displayed dry, bundled for hanging, 12′′ to 24′′ tall (no vase)
  1. Pansies, with own foliage, 3 blooms (no violas)
  2. Petunias, double, 3 blooms
  3. Petunias, single, under 3” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  4. Petunias, single, over 3” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  5. Phlox, 3 sprays, perennials, any solid colour.
  6. Phlox, 3 sprays, perennials, multi-coloured blooms.
  7. Rose floated in a rose bowl, with foliage.
  8. Rudbeckia, 3 blooms.
  9. Snapdragons, 3 spikes, mixed colours
  10. Sunflowers, 1 stem.
  11. Sweet peas, 3 stems, assorted colours.
  12. Zinnias, 1”- 3”, 3 blooms with own foliage.
  13. Zinnias, over 3”, 3 blooms with own foliage.


Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00

  1. African violet, single, in bloom.
  2. Begonia, Tuberous, in bloom.
  3. Foliage, coleus (1 per pot).
  4. Hanging plant, one variety, to be home grown, blooming.
  5. Succulent, any kind, no cacti.
  6. House plant, other than those listed in CLASS 2


Prizes: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00

  1. Herbs, a collection in a window box labelled (maximum 24” in length)


Prizes: 1st $10.00, 2nd $7.00, 3rd $5.00

  1. Garden planter using assorted flowers in bloom, and vines (vines optional).
  2. Outdoor hanging flower container.
  3. Welcome” – a planter suitable for your entrance.
  4. Fairy Garden” – miniature plants including accessories, not to exceed 18” in any direction.


Prizes: 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $4.00

  1. A Touch of Velvet” An arrangement using only purple flowers with foliage in an unusual container.
  2. Down Memory Lane Cut Flower” An arrangement placed in a decorative mason jar.
  3. Churning Butter” An arrangement using different shades of yellow.
  4. All Roads Lead to the Fair” An arrangement using wild flowers, plants, grasses, etc. found alongside the ditch, not exceeding 24” in any direction.


Kid’s Rules and Regulations

  1. All classes are fresh flowers only
  2. Flowers must be home-grown, by child or parent.
  3. All containers are to be supplied by the exhibitor.

Prize money for each category in Kids Flower Division
Prizes: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00


  1. One More Time”. An arrangement of flowers in a recycled container.
  2. Come Play With Me”. An arrangement in a toy. Container must be able to hold water.

8 to 11 YEARS

  1. Welcome To Autumn”. Fall colour floral arrangement displayed in a can. Accessories may be use.
  2. Watch your Garden Grow”. An arrangement displayed in a small watering can.

12 to 16 YEARS

  1. Outside the Box”. An arrangement of fresh flowers displayed in an unusual container.
  2. ABC”. An arrangement of fresh flowers that start with A B & C (name flowers used).