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Children’s Fun Pony & Horse Show

Saturday, August 19 @ 9:00 am

Children’s Fun Pony & Horse Show

Saturday, August 19th, 2017
9:00 am Sharp
Chairpersons: Sarah Holmes, Quinlan Dangerfield

This show is specifically developed for beginner and young riders. The concept of this event was to inspire beginners. This event is not intended for the more experienced youth competitors.
Events are designed for fun and intended to demonstrate the special relationship between children and their equine partner.

Entries MUST BE SENT to Mrs. Catherine Douglas, 5996 Snake Island Road, Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0,
BY AUGUST 7/2017 FOR PRE-ENTRY PRICES. Any entries after this date will be considered post entries.

All riders will abide by the rules and regulations of the Mountain Agricultural Society and the South Mountain Fair.
The Show Committee and the Judge reserve the right to alter conditions or to refuse entries.
The JUDGES DECISION IS FINAL. Any exhibitor who is guilty of creating a disturbance whether by openly criticizing the judge or the committee or using obscene language to any judge or official shall therefore forfeit the right to any premium and may be suspended by the Society from exhibiting.
All riders much wear appropriate riding equipment to their style of riding (standing martingales only in Hunter O/F. No flash or figure-8 nosebands allowed)
Horses and ponies should be neat, cleaned, and in good condition for the show. Unhealthy, poor-conditioned, and or lame horses/ponies will be asked to leave the show ring.
A rider is allowed one minute after the first call by in-gate steward to enter the ring. If not available at that time, the horse and rider may be eliminated.
Entry fees will ONLY BE REFUNDED upon the presentation of a veterinarian’s certificate, presented to the show Secretary by the day immediately following the show.
Class changes during the day will require an additional $2.00/class.
Any protests must be registered to the show committee BY THE RIDER involved before the commencement of the next class.
The Fair Board, the Horse Show Committee, and any workers on the day will not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to any person, animal, or property in any way involved in the show.
Rain or Shine, NO REFUNDS.
Proof of age is required
Livestock Bracelets will be allotted as follows: 1-2 animals exhibited – 1 Livestock Bracelet, 3-4 animals exhibited – 2 Livestock Bracelets, 5-6 animals exhibited – 3 Livestock Bracelets, 7-8 animals exhibited – 4 Livestock Bracelets, etc.
Points for Section Champions will have the following values according to class placing:
1st place = 6 points
2nd place = 5 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 3 points
5th place = 2 points
6th place = 1 point.

Championships will be awarded in Sections B, C, D, and E.
ENTRY FEES: Section A (Lead line) – No Entry Fee
PRE ENTRY: $4.00 per class POST ENTRY: $6.00 per class

1. Lead Line – Walk.
English or Western tack. Participants may only enter Lead Line class. 1st Place ribbon to all entries.

SECTION B – FUN AND GAMES (children under the age of 11)
English or Western tack. Riders may be accompanied by an adult as required.
Halter Derby – Riders will lead their horse through a course. Each obstacle must be completed (timed event)
Apple Dunk – Riders will trot down the ring to a water bucket, dismount and then dunk for an apple (no hands) then lead their horse back to the finish line with apple secure in the rider’s mouth.
Flag Race – Rider will trot mid-way down the ring. Retrieve a scarf/flag off the top of a barrel, carry it to the far end of the ring, go around a barrel, and return to the starting line, leaving the flag back on the mid-way barrel on your way back (timed event)
Key Hole Race – Rider will trot to end of the ring, turn within keyhole, then return to the finish line (timed event)
Costume Event – Riders will display the costumes they have created for their horse and themselves.

(*****NOTE: the costume class is OPEN to ALL AGES)

Western Pleasure (walk and trot)
Sack Race – Rider Trots mid way – dismounts – hops (in sack) back to finish line leading pony/horse
Cross rail Hunter Over Fences – Riders and ponies will jump over a low series of jumps at trot (maybe lead)

SECTION D – WESTERN HORSE (BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE) (intermediate riders are 15yrs and up)
Western Pleasure (walk trot and canter)
Western Showmanship at Halter – Riders will show horses at halter- judged on the ability of rider
Western Command (stop/stand, reverse, walk trot and canter) immediate response to judges request

Hunt Seat Equitation (walk trot and canter)
Hunter Under Saddle (walk trot and canter)
Hunter Hack (2’) (walk trot and canter)
For the purpose of this event beginner riders (under age of 14yrs) will be defined as a rider who can walk and trot but not able to canter yet. Intermediate rider (15yrs and up) will be defined as a rider who can walk trot and canter comfortably and safely.
Beginner riders will be allowed to participate in intermediate sections (D and E) but must remain at walk and trot to remain qualified for section C and for safety reasons – this requirement despite the requirement of intermediate riders to canter. Intermediate riders cannot participate in section C. Intermediate riders will receive full marks for each of the three gaits if completed correctly. Beginner riders who participate in section D and E will participate in for practice/development purposes. They will receive marks for walk and trot only.
Beginner rider is defined by experience with some consideration given to age. Beginner riders are riders who have attended fewer than 5 shows (in total), including schooling shows. The focus of this event is to highlight the fun and relationship with horse and rider. Further, it is our goal to engage new riders into the sport. Beginner riders may be accompanied by an adult as required. The adult should not interfere with the young person’s demonstration of riding, yet assist for safety.


Saturday, August 19
9:00 am
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Horse Ring
2967 Lough Rd
South Mountain, Ontario K0E 1W0 Canada


Sarah Holmes
Quinlan Dangerfield