Mountain Township Agricultural Society (MTAS)

MTAS Executive

President Alan Burns Email 613-323-4308
1st Vice President Anna Smail 613-652-4915
2nd Vice President Brad Moore 613-229-0333
Treasurer Lois Keyes 613-989-5403
Secretary Julie Mitchell Email 613-930-5911
Past President Bob Williams 613-989-2038
Fair Office – Email:
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 114, South Mountain, ON K0E 1W0

MTAS Directors

Bill Williams, Cathy Burns, Kirk Douglas, Hugh Fawcett, Terry Foley, Richard Gilmer, Danny Johnstone, Peggy Lewin, Dermid O’Farrell, Donna Lee O’Farrell, Chloe Preston, Taylor Ace, Joanne van Moorsel

MTAS Other Directors [non-voting]

Honorary Directors: Lynn Boyd, Marlyn O’Connor, Roy Sherrer, Annette Angus, Bob Weagant

South Mountain Fair Committees

Advertising/Marketing Taylor Ace 613-784-9390
Baby Show Joanne Havekes 613-989-5477
Children’s Fun Pony & Horse Show
Children’s Entertainment & Play Tent Anna Smail, Donna Lee O’Farrell 613-652-4915
Commercial Features Cliff Metcalfe 613-989-1295
Concessions Cathy Burns 613-989-3842
Culinary Arts Sandra Weagant 613-989-2823
Demolition Derby Brad Moore 613-229-0333
Dundas County 4-H Carolyn Lillico 613-989-2917
Ecumenical Church Service Sandy Weagant 613-989-5552
Emergency & Incident Reporting Peggy Lewin 613-227-8153
Entertainment Hugh Fawcett 613-774-3363
Exhibitor’s Handbook Julie Mitchell Email 613-930-5911
Farm Dealership Equipment Bob Williams 613-989-2038
Floriculture Francine Duncan 613-223-8226
Flower Beds Chloe Preston 613-889-7190
Gates Sherry Foster 613-535-9970
Grand Prize Draw Bill Williams 613-923-2591
Grounds/Tents Bob Williams 613-989-2773
Hall Manager Rhonda Holmes 613-989-5235
Heavy Horse Show Bert Doornwaard 613-407-0331
Home Crafts Anna Smail 613-652-4915
Insurance/Inventory Richard Gilmer 613-989-5397
Junior Farmers Olympics Taylor Ace 613-989-2499
Junior Home Crafts Anne Caza 613-989-5348
Meals in Agricultural Hall Cathy Burns 613-989-3842
Midway Joanne van Moorsel 613-796-6079
Miniature & Saddle Horse Show Kirk Douglas 613-894-8868
MTAS Prize Money Raffle Donna Lee O’Farrell 613-989-2121
Opening Ceremonies Rhonda Holmes, Cathy Burns, Peggy Lewin 613-989-3842
Parking & Wagons Terry Foley 613-989-5263
Pet Show Taylor Ace 613-989-2499
Poultry Doug Boyd 613-989-2063
Roots, Vegetables & Fruit
Secretary/MTAS Office/Administration Julie Mitchell Email 613-930-5911
Security Rhonda Holmes, Anna Smail, Bob Williams 613-989-5235
Simmental & Angus Cattle Show Greg Holmes 613-716-4121
Sound Systems Steve Vokey 613-258-2728
South Mountain Truck Pull Brad Moore 613-229-0333
Special Friends Day at the Fair Joanne van Moorsel 613-796-6079
Sponsors Dermid O’Farrell, Chloe Preston 613-989-2121
Student Volunteers Chloe Preston 613-889-7190
Washrooms/Sanitation Bill Williams, Kevin Leeder 613-923-2591
Website Alan Burns 613-323-4308


Commercial Features Cliff Metcalfe 613-989-1295
Culinary Arts
Floriculture Francine Duncan 613-223-8226
Homecrafts Anna Smail 613-652-4915
Junior Homecrafts Anna Caza 613-989-5348
Roots and Vegetables
Antique Tractor Pull Brad Moore 613-229-0333


4-H Carolyn Lillico 613-989-2917
Beef Show Greg Holmes 613-989-5572
Horse Heavy Horse Show Kirk Douglas 613-826-2538
Junior/Youth Show Kirk Douglas 613-826-2538
Miniature Horse Show Kirk Douglas 613-826-2538
Saddle & Harness Show Kirk Douglas 613-826-2538
Poultry Danny Johnstone, Ross Dillabaugh 613-774-3330